The Perfect Chicken Nugget Technique?

My nanny isn’t the only one in the family who has great recipes and smart tips. My four year old cousin John has some legit food hacks. They’re short and straight to the point, but they’re pure genius? He thinks so. So here’s John Tip #1 :

I asked John, “You eat a lot of chicken nuggets. Are there any techniques you like to use?”
He then responded with this great chicken nugget eating hack…

  1. Take the bread off the nugget (who needs that nasty stuff anyway)
  2. No sauce! (absolutely none…it will ruin everything)
  3. Put a french fry on the top and on the bottom (this is his patent pending ‘chicken nugget sandwich’ hack)
  4. Boom! You have one delicious chicken nugget sandwich to enjoy

I’m telling you, the boy is pure genius. I hope this hack will serve you well.


↑ Oh! Meet John! He never poses normal…never! ↑


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